Pipeline Overview

Tengion is developing a diverse pipeline of novel cell and tissue based regenerative medicine therapies for patients who are experiencing organ and tissue impairment, failure and loss. Tengion's technology platform is designed to allow patients to have functioning organs and tissues regenerated from their own cells, resulting in improved quality of life for patients, reduced comorbidities, and ultimately reduced use of medical system resources.

Tengion is supporting the clinical development of the following product candidates:

  • Neo-Kidney Augment™, which is being evaluated in Phase 1 clinical trials in Sweden and the U.S. for patients with chronic kidney disease, in order to delay or prevent dialysis or transplantation.
  • Neo-Urinary Conduit™, which is being evaluated in an ongoing Phase 1 U.S. clinical trial in patients with bladder cancer who require a total cystectomy.

Tengion's Organ Regeneration Platform has the potential to identify product candidates for several gastrointestinal and vascular diseases and conditions. Partnership opportunities are being explored for the following product candidates (not in active development):

  • Neo-GI Augment™ is aimed at addressing esophageal and intestinal disorders.
  • Neo-Vessel Replacement™ is our research program for alternative vascular access for patients undergoing dialysis and patients undergoing coronary or peripheral artery bypass surgery.
  • Neo-Bladder Augment™ aimed at addressing lower urinary tract disorders.

Tengion's regenerative medicine product candidates are investigational and will not be commercially available until the completion of clinical trials and the review and approval of associated marketing applications by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or competent regulatory agencies in other countries.

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