Tengion aggressively explores collaborative relationships and partnership opportunities with academic and industrial partners seeking to bring advanced cell-based regenerative technologies to the market. There are many potential benefits associated with partnering with Tengion:

  • Leader in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering with ongoing clinical trials
  • Expert scientific team
  • Unique technical resources with proven competencies in complex, cell-based bioprocesses
  • Integrated team of manufacturing, development, and commercial experts who have previously taken multiple products from IND to successful market launch

Current Partners

Tengion's partners include Harvard's Children's Hospital, Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Mario Negri Institute and the collaborating clinical institutions participating in our clinical trials. Tengion has historically partnered with various industrial organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, Medtronic, and currently with Celgene and DaVita to participate in the discovery and early stage development of medicinal products from its technology platform.

Tengion scientists have leading roles with trade organizations and industrial committees with the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, International Society of Cell Therapies, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medical International Society, and the International Society of Stem Cell Research. These partnerships ensure we maximize the advancement of regenerative medical technology and Tengion's pipeline.


Advances in regenerative medicine occur when dedicated people from multiple disciplines come together. Transformational discoveries are made by dedicated researchers and clinicians; Tengion wants to put those innovations into practice. We proactively seek and routinely review external discovery and developments in regenerative medicine, and we welcome you to share with us a non-confidential description of your potential therapeutic material, cellular, nanotechnology, molecular or bioprocess innovations.


Successful development and commercialization of clinically meaningful discoveries is accelerated when parties with complementary strengths team up. We welcome alliances as a chance to share success. In partnership, Tengion brings dedicated scientific, clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, and marketing teams that value a partner's approach to development and commercialization, and are committed to achieving milestones together.

Contact Business Development

Tengion is actively engaged in business development discussions to advance the clinical stage product candidates toward commercialization. Please contact us to learn more about business development and partnership opportunities.